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suites of original custom rooms

  • 金沙在线娱乐平台Southeast Asian style-金沙在线娱乐平台

    The decoration style of Southeast Asia features in primitive nature, bright color, advocating craftsmanship and rich ethnic characteristics.

  • French style

    The French style emphasizes the decoration of the building in nature, paying attention to the natural return of the mind in the design, with the traditional thought of human-oriented and respecting nature as the design center

  • Simple European style-澳门金沙

    Europe has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, so a variety of artistic design styles hold an innovative and open mind

  • http://js21233.comChinese Classicism

    The classical Chinese decoration style is characterized by the traditional decoration "shape" and "spirit" in the interior layout, line shape, color tone and furniture furnishings

  • Modern style-金沙有艺场

    Modern style is a more popular style, pursuing fashion and trend, paying great attention to the perfect combination of layout and function of living space

  • 金沙有艺场Current style

    The current style is to interpret the classical language in a modern way, injecting the artistic conception of Chinese culture, and making the space through the characteristics of Chinese style


large intelligentized custom exhibition halls

Shenyang Exhibition Center

Zhongyi smart home exhibition hall includes: smart home cloud deployment, smart home APP, home control center .etc


Dongguan Exhibition Center

On the basis of intelligent Internet of Things, modern furniture, computer network technology and artificial intelligence are combined to realize automation home