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Automatic technological process

In all production lines of Zhongyi three production bases, full automation have been attained by employing advanced automatic technological equipment.

  • Door frame technological process
  • Door technological process
  • Door lines technological process-澳门博彩 金沙
  • Painting door frame technological process-金沙j
  • Painting door technological process
  • Painting door lines technological process-金沙网址

Professional equipment

  • multi-drillingmachine

  • sealingmachine

  • 澳门博彩 金沙

    spraying machine

Quality management

  • [Excellent Quality]
  • Superior products based on technology
  • [Sincerity Service]
  • Providing high quality service
  • [Continuous Improvement]
  • Keep improvement based on communication
  • [System Improvement]
  • Improving quality control system
Team work is the spirit
All staff quality control

Zhongyi Intelligence

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  • Intelligence Situation

    With the development of international home applications, Zhongyi imported “Internet +”concept to the home system of Internet of Things. Zhongyi has now made home decoration total intellectualized and informationized and accumulate effective customers rapidly, thus gradually transform itself to be a big data operator to grab the highland of a new industry revolution.

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  • Intelligence Planing

    By keeping closely with Intelligent terminal, cloud services and hardware, the three keys of smart home, Zhongyi is building an intelligent Golden Triangle through catching the living needs of users and customizing personal function to give home automation services, which gives users a safe, energy-saving, convenient and comfortable life.

  • Home Intelligence

    Zhongyi group is building Self-conscious smart home by attaining man-machine interactive system. This system will match and adjust the users needs after getting into the house and provides customized intelligent services to makes life more comfortable and convenient, thus improve the quality of life.

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  • Intelligent Future

    Future life is controlling at any moment, Zhongyi group is making a new experience of Future home through developing new smart home control system to attain home automation and personal home customization. By making intelligent creation as the new normal of the enterprise strategy, Zhongyi group will create a world-wide known nation brand.